Movierulz App Download for Android, PC

Movierulz App Download for Android, PC
Movierulz App Download for Android, PC


Movierulz App 2023 is an app that has all the movies available for you to download. You can download several movies in different languages in the 4movierulz app. Movierulz app is quite popular due to the Tamil and Telugu content available on the app. You can watch unlimited movies and download them if you want for free on the movierulz Telugu app.

If you love watching movies in Telugu and Tamil and looking for a platform where you can download whatever movie you want, the Tamil movierulz app is the right answer. In this article, you will get to know all you need to know about the movierulz app 2023 and how you can download it on your device to watch a favorite of yours. So, without further stalling, let’s start the article.


Description of Movierulz App 2023

  • Name: Movierulz
  • Package Name: com. app. movierulz
  • Category: Entertainment
  • Version: 11.23
  • Size: 1.1 MB
  • Requires Android: 4.1+
  • Last Updated: July 29, 2022


Features of Movierulz App 2023

It is really important to know the features of an app before you think about downloading it. Movierulz app 2023 has such amazing features that you should know too:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Content Available in Different Languages
  • Ad-Free
  • Free Download
  • Subtitles Available


User-friendly Interface:

Movierulz app 2023 has an amazing interface that you can easily use to get to the part of the app that you want. You can easily understand it as the graphics are simple but on point.

Content Available In Different Languages:

You will find content in different languages on this app. Apart from Hindi and English movies, the Movierulz app apk also has many movies in Tamil and Telugu. So you can enjoy movies in these languages too.


This app is ad-free which means that you will not come across any advertisements while you are on the app. This is one of the best features of the app. Ads can kill all the mood and that’s why there are no ads on this app.

Free Download:

Movierulz download app is free and you also do not need to pay for accessing any feature. This means that the app is free and you do not have to pay for a thing.


Not only can you watch dubbed versions of movies, but you can also switch on subtitles in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam to watch a movie in its full entirety.


Guide To Movierulz App Download

If you want to make the movierulz app 2023 a part of your device, all you have to follow are some simple steps and you will be done with movierulz app download. Below we have mentioned some simple steps by which you can download movierulz app apk on Android and PC.

Note that the movierulz app is not available on Play Store so you have to download it from a third party, also known as apk link.


Here’s How You Can Download Movierulz Android App

Downloading the movierulz app 2023 on your android device is such an easy task. You just have to follow the instructions below to download movierulz app 2023:

  1. Open settings and go to the security tab first.
  2. Go to permissions and allow the installation of unknown sources by tapping the tab.
  3. When it’s done, go to your browser and find the movierulz app free download link apk.
  4. Open the link and tap to start the download.
  5. Once it’s done, find the downloaded movierulz in the downloaded tab on your device’s files.
  6. Start installing it.
  7. After it’s done, you will be able to watch free Telugu and Tamil movies.



Steps For Movierulz App Download For PC

If you want to watch movies on a big screen, you can also download the movierulz app for PC. There is just one additional step to download it and this is to install an Android Emulator before doing any of the steps. After the android emulator starts working on your PC, below are the further steps:

  1. Go to the settings and allow the installation of unknown sources by going to security>permissions.
  2. Now open the browser and search for the apk link.
  3. Once you find an authentic link to download movierulz app for PC, start the download.
  4. You will know once the download is finished and you are ready to install movierulz app 2023 on your device.
  5. Now go to the PC’s files.
  6. There you will find the downloaded movierulz app apk file.
  7. Click on it and start installing the 4 movierulz app.
  8. When it’s installed, go to your desktop.
  9. There you will see the Movierulz app among other apps.
  10. Now you will be able to download Tamil and Telugu movies from this app.


Movierulz App Telugu Movies Download

If you want to watch Telugu movies, all you have to do is movierulz app Telugu download. You can easily download it using the movierulz app 2023 link. Once you download the app using the above steps for the relevant device, you just have to do the movierulz app Telugu movies download. Then you will be able to watch endless movies in Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam by downloading them for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have compiled some faqs that the users ask about the movierulz app apk.


1- Is the 4movierulz app the same as the Movierulz app 2023?

Yes, if you cannot find movierulz app 2023, the 4movierulz app is just another link for it. As this app is illegal in many countries, you cannot access it easily. So you can try other alternative names to find them on the web. You can also search for the 4 movierulz apps to find the best movierulz download app link.

2- Is Movierulz App 2023 safe?

Yes, the app is completely and utterly safe. Your information and data are protected and you do not need to worry about them getting stolen. This app is illegal but if you use a VPN, there is nothing to be worried about. Movierulz app apk cares about their user’s privacy and being a third-party app doesn’t give them much of an advantage.

3- Can I download Movierulz App 2023 on iPhone?

iPhone doesn’t directly support movierulz app free download but if you are determined enough to download it, you can. For the movierulz Telugu app on your IOS, you need an android emulator. Once you download it on your device, you can get the movierulz app apk by following the same instructions as downloading the movierulz app on android. The steps are simple and you will have a movierulz to download your favorite movies.

4- Why is Movierulz app 2023 not working on PC?

If the app isn’t working on your PC, maybe you haven’t downloaded it properly by using an android emulator. You should also check your internet connection or delete some files to make some space for the app. If these things aren’t working, then maybe your windows have been corrupted. You should try to install the windows again and then download the app. These are the common reasons why your PC is not the opening movierulz app 2023.

5- Should I not use the movierulz app apk?

Accessing anything illegal is a criminal offense and if your country is serious about it, you may also have to pay for fine. Other than a fine, you can also get arrested for watching an illegal website. But the movierulz app apk is safe and if you need extra security, you can use VPN too. But we will say that use this app at your own risk because even though you can download some of the best movies from this app.


In this article, we have told you each and everything that you needed to know about this app. You can download movierulz app for PC and also download movierulz android app for free to enjoy the best Tamil and Telugu movies. There’s a bunch of them on movierulz app 2023.

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