Download Movierulz APK for Android, PC, Firestick

Download Movierulz APK for Android, PC, Firestick
Download Movierulz APK for Android, PC, Firestick


Movierulz Apk is a platform where you can watch different types of movies for free. You can download movies of various categories from movierulz tv. There are unlimited Hollywood as well as Bollywood movies available on this app, and you can easily download them for free. You just have to follow some simple steps to download the app itself on your device.

Movierulz Apk is something you need if you love watching movies. This app will enable you to download the latest movies for free so you can watch them in your free type. Everything is available on this app, you just have to search for it. In this article, we are going to tell your everything you need to know about this app and the ways to download it. Let’s start.


Description Of Movierulz Apk

  • Version: 4.0
  • Apk Size: 26 MB
  • Android Version Requires: 5.0 and up
  • Developer: Movierulz
  • Category: Entertainment
  • Updated: December 13, 2019
  • Installs : 10,000,000+
  • Content Rating: Rated for 12+


Features Of Movierulz Apk

You cannot judge an app without knowing about its features. Some of the features of the Movierulz apk are:

  • Content In Different Languages
  • New Content Updated every day
  • High-Quality Movies
  • Free Download
  • Ad-Free
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Supported by Many Media Players


Content In Different Languages:

You will find content in different languages on the Movierulz apk. You can find movies in Hindi, English, and other languages for your entertainment. Some movies are also available in dubbed languages.

New Content Updated Everyday:

With Movierulz tv, you won’t have to worry about finding the latest content because movies are updated almost every day. You will find the latest and new movies on this every day.

High-Quality Movies:

You will be able to download movies of whichever quality you want. You can download movies in 780p as well as 1080p on the movierulz apk app. Just select the option and click download.

Free Download:

One of the best things about movierulz apk is that not only you can download this app for free but downloading movies is free too. You do not have to pay for any subscription as every feature on this app is free for you to use.


Ads can be frustrating in an app but the good news is that the movierulz apk app is ad-free. You will not come across any advertisements while scrolling on the app. And the best thing is that you do not have to pay anything to get rid of them.

User-friendly Interface:

What’s an app without a good interface? Movierulz apk has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to control different tabs on an app. The graphics on the app are also good and easy to use.

Supported On Many Media Players

Movierulz apk by supported many popular media players so you do not have to worry about how you are going to watch your downloaded movies.


A Complete Guide To Movierulz Apk Download

If you want movierulz apk free download, we have listed down some of the steps by which you can download this app on different devices. You can download the Movierulz apk app on the following devices:

  • Android
  • Firestick
  • PC
Let’s see how you can download this app on the above-mentioned devices.


Steps To Download Movierulz Apk For Android Tv:

If you want to download the Movierulz apk on android or android tv, you just have to follow some basic steps:

  1. Open the settings on an android tv or any android device.
  2. Go to the security tab and open permissions.
  3. There you have to allow the installation of unknown sources or else you will not be able to install the movierulz app on your device.
  4. Now, go to your browser and search for Movierulz link apk.
  5. Open a safe link and click on the download button to start downloading.
  6. When you see that download is done, now is the time to come back to your android tv’s home screen.
  7. Now open the files and in the downloads folder, you will be able to see the downloaded Movierulz file.
  8. Start installing it on your device.
  9. Here, you are done. Now you will be able to see movierulz among other apps on your home screen of android tv.

This is how you can easily download the movierulz apk for android tv.


Get Movierulz Apk For Firestick

Want a movierulz apk for firestick? It’s easier to download it by just following the below-mentioned steps. Let’s see how you can get it for your firestick.

  1. Open the settings from the menu of your amazon firestick.
  2. Open my firetv and go to developer’s options.
  3. Allow the installation of unknown sources by going to the apps tab.
  4. Now again go to the home screen and open the search bar.
  5. There, search for a downloader.
  6. Click on it and it will open.
  7. If the app isn’t downloaded already, download it.
  8. After opening it, go to its browser.
  9. Click on the URL button and enter the Movierulz link.
  10. The file will be downloaded after some time.
  11. Click next and the install button will appear.
  12. Start the installation of the movierulz app and then click done.
  13. Do not forget to delete the apk file as the original movierulz will be available to you after installation.
  14. Now you will see movierulz apk among other apps on your home screen.


Steps To Download Movierulz Apk For PC

If you want movierulz apk free download on your PC, the steps are easy and simple with the addition of an extra step to get movierulz apk for PC. Let’s see what are the steps.

  1. Make sure you download an android emulator on your PC first.
  2. After it’s done and full-on running on the PC, now is the time to follow some basic steps.
  3. Go to the settings and allow the installation of unknown sources, just like the steps from android tv’s installation.
  4. Now go to the browser and search for an authentic Movierulz link apk.
  5. When you find it, start downloading it.
  6. When you see that the download is done, go to your PC’s files.
  7. You will see the installed movierulz apk link.
  8. Install it on your device.
  9. You are done. Now go to your desktop. You will see the movierulz app on the screen among other apps.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1- Is Movierulz Apk Safe?

As a third-party app, the movierulz app has some risks associated with it but if you are worried that your data and information may not be safe then that’s not correct. Movierulz App cares about its user’s security so you do not need to think that your information is going to get stolen. If you still need extra safety, you can use VPN while using the app.

2- What is the alternative to Movierulz Apk?

If the Movierulz apk is blocked in your country, you can also use some of the alternatives of this app even though the others work just as same as it. Some of the alternatives are 123movierulz apk, movierulz 12345, and Movierulz ms 2023. The features of these apps are the same as they are made by the same developers so you can download your favorite movies even though the original movierulz app is not available.

3- What is the movierulz website link?

If you are looking for a movierulz website link, you have to go to the browser and search for it. The first result will be website link. You will be able to download your favorite movies, whether they are in Hindi or English, from this website for free. But using a website is more riskier than using an app because you are always exposed to viruses while downloading the movies. So use the app instead.

4- Is the version of movierulz apk 2023 coming?

If you are waiting for new movierulz 2023 version, then it is coming really soon. If you thought that the developer is going to stop this app due to some restrictions in different countries, you are wrong. Movierulz has developers in different countries so they are always doing everything to make this app available to you. So yeah, you can definitely expect Movierulz apk 2023 version. Then you can easily download any movie you want from movierulz apk.


In this article, we tried to tell you each and everything you wanted to know about movierulz app. All you have to do is download it on your devices by following the above mentioned steps and you can enjoy any movie you want by downloading it for free. You will find every movie possible and you can watch them anytime, anywhere you want by using Movierulz apk.

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