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UnlockMyTV APK Download: Searching for good movie and tv show streaming apps can be quite a headache. This thing is so frustrating because you have to go to lengths to find something that has some good quality movies and tv shows.

If by luck you find any good streaming application or website, there’s a strong chance that you will not find the movie that you are looking for. But this shouldn’t be a problem because we are going to suggest the best app for you where you can stream movies and tv shows.


UnlockMyTV APK


Unlock my tv apk app is the best option where there are plenty of movies and tv shows to watch. It is one of the most popular streaming websites where you can enjoy whatever movie you want.


Let’s take a comprehensive look at the Unlockmytv APK application’s features and ways for unlockmytv apk app download.


Features of Unlockmytv APK

Now that we have an introduction to Unlockmytv apk, we should jump to its features as they will be the reason to compel you into downloading this application. So, without further ado, let’s continue!

Some of the features of Unlockmytv  mod APK are given below:


  • Free Application
  • HD Quality
  • Fast Servers
  • No Ads
  • External Media Player
  • Offline Streaming
  • Subtitles


  • Free App

Yes, you read it right! Unlockmytv mod APK is absolutely free and without any cost. That means you can enjoy all of your favourite movies without worrying about their payment.

  • HD Quality

This app is HD quality and you can watch your show with the best ever quality without any buffering.

  • Fast Servers

One thing is certain you will not have any problems with Unlockmytv APK’s servers. The servers of it are very fast and possess high-quality streaming. Even if you find any problem with any of the servers, there is an option for you to switch to another server within the app. Unlockmytv APK has many of servers and you can choose the server of your liking.

  • No Ads

Another best thing about Unlockmytv APK is that it is ad-free. You can enjoy your show uninterrupted without any breaks. This feature seems a breath of fresh air for many users because having an advertisement every few minutes into your movie is such a frustrating thing.

  • External Media Player

Unlockmytv APK also gives you enough space to choose whether you want to use an external media player or an internal media player. The application is specifically made to support any external media player too and to provide a comfortable platform to the users.

  • Offline Streaming

This is such nice news to people who always think about watching a tv show or movie but don’t have any internet access. Well, now the problem is solved because you can download whatever you want and watch it offline whenever you please. Another best thing about this feature is that you can watch the offline videos without the quality deteriorating.

  • Subtitles

Sometimes you can’t understand a certain movie or tv show but want to watch it at any cost. So no need to be worried because Unlockmytv APK has a number of subtitles and you can easily watch your favourite thing when you enable its texts. There are several languages available too so you will have options to choose from.


Above we have mentioned some of its golden features so now let’s proceed further.



Description of Unlockmytv APK

Following is the description of the Unlockmytv APK app. You can see its description and then decide whether you want this application or not.


  • Version:

Unlockmytv APK has a version of 2.1.6

  • Apk Size

It only takes 5.7 MB for it to get downloaded on your phone or PC.

  • Android Version:

You can have this app on the 5.1 android version and above. This is a good thing for Android users as they can fully enjoy this app.

  • No of Downloads:

Approximately 10,000,000 installed this app and loved it. So you shouldn’t be waiting too. Download apk for Android Unlockmytv now and start watching your favourite things!

  • Content Rating:

Unlockmytv APK is rated for a 12+ audience. You can browse through different categories to watch a good movie or tv show.


We explained the Unlockmytv APK app’s description so you can have a better understanding of what you are getting yourself into.


Unlockmytv APK Download

Now that you have come this far, we will tell you the best way to download Unlockmytv in 2022 on your mobile phone, smart tv or PC. Unlockmytv APK is extremely easy to download. Following are the steps you should follow for unlockmytv app apk download.


UnlockMyTV APK Download


  • Downloading Unlockmytv APK on Android

  1. Go to your settings and allow unknown sources to download Unlockmytv APK on your Android.
  2. Download the APK file and then go to the file manager to give access to the APK file.
  3. Click on the Unlockmytv file.
  4. You will have a new page in front of you. Click download to install Unlockmytv APK.
  5. Wait for it to install and then open the file.
  6. Lo and behold! Unlockmytv APK will be on your android phone!


You enjoy this wonderful app on your Android and stream high-quality movies and tv shows as much as you can.


  • Downloading Unlockmytv APK for Smart tv

  1. Download ES File Explorer on your smart tv from Google Play Store.
  2. Open Download manager in ES File Explorer
  3. Visit the menu and tap on ‘new’.
  4. Enter the URL of Unlockmytv APK to start downloading the file.
  5. Install the file and with the click of the button launch it!


Unlockmytv APK for Smart tv


You can also download unlockmytv for firestick. The procedure is similar and you won’t have any issue installing it.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Unlockmytv APK

Below we have put forward some frequently asked questions about Unlockmytv APK and unlockmytv apk download. Let’s see if you can find answers to your queries here.


1- Is Unlockmytv APK available for iPhone?

Unfortunately, Unlockmytv APK is not available on iPhones or IOS.

2- Is Unlockmytv APK can be downloaded on PC?

You can have this app on your PC with an android emulator as there isn’t any official version of this app for PC.

3- Does Unlockmytv APK have a premium version?

No. Unlockmytv APK is completely free and it doesn’t have a premium version.

4-Is Unlockmytv APK a safe app?

Yes absolutely! Unlockmytv APK is safe and the files are scanned before any use.

5- Does Unlockmytv APK host any servers?

Nope. Unlockmytv APK doesn’t host any movies or videos on their server.



We told you about the best HD quality app for you to stream any kind of video. Unlockmytv APK is the best app one could ever download if he likes watching movies and tv shows frequently. So what are you waiting for? Download this app as soon as you can and enjoy its wonders!


Download UnlockMyTV APK Free


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