MX Player Mod APK Download

Download MX Player Mod APK: MX PLAYER MOD APK is one of the best video software or apps, but it not only stops there. The users cannot resist the amazing features of the app and most of all, the Ad-free video streaming is what makes this app unique. You can enjoy your desired videos and much more without interruption of video ads. A lot of apps claim this but they fail in providing this convenience, MX Player MOD APP does not.


Mx player apk comes with a multi-core-decoding feature that beats the others in the market. This feature of the MX player app makes it best and enhances the speed by 70% if we compare it to single-core devices. It comes and supports SSA/ASS, DVD, DVB, .webVTT,.(sub), (.idx)  and many more yet to become. It will also boost up your experience with the option of hardware acceleration to your videos by using an HW+ decoder. Seems interesting? Let’s discuss some other features of the MX Player MOD App in detail.

Characteristics of MX PLAYER MOD APK:

  • System Stream Playback
  • Playback Continue
  • Subtitles
  • Kids Lock Mode
  • Pinch to Zoom

  • System Stream Playback

MX Player is very effective in streaming videos as it records videos available on the web. For instance, divided or expanded storage, just make sure you have the intermediate URL of the video you want to stream. Youtube has complex algorithms, so it will not be possible for MX players to flow from those websites. Also, when you can use applications for videos like YouTube, it will not be worth it to use this apk.

  • Playback Continue

Many devices do offer paybacks continue, and this one does too. You will need to select the option if you want to continue from the point where you left, or you can also choose the option to start from the initial point of your videos. This feature is handy when you have to quit watching and come back later, so you don’t have to start from the scratch.

  • Subtitles

Subtitles are the most valuable and compelling feature of streaming devices. It not only help you to understand dialects but also improve your hearing capacity. Well, MX player consists of this practical feature that will help you understand different dialects worldwide, and not only this but also consist of a decoder that enables you to decode.

  • Kids Lock Mode

Kids are always excited to explore things. And this also happens when you handover them your phone to watch videos, but instead of that, they make calls and open other applications, which can cause a problem for you. MX players have this feature that enables you to stop your kid from roaming into other apps. This feature is known as Kids lock mode, which will lock and restrict your kid from moving from video.

  • Pinch to Zoom

This feature is quite underrated yet. It is mainly used to zoom into videos while watching them. You can now use this feature to zoom into videos by putting your two fingers and expanding them to zoom into videos.

Other features of MX player mod apk :

  • Better comparison with interloper applications. Currently, MX Player can line the media records suitably while using outcast applications.
  • This release similarly carries a lot of upgrades to MX Share, like Share History, Invite, and a little more.
  • Likewise, we have fixed a portion of the bugs that were annoying you a great deal.
  • Soft Keyboard will appear appropriately while utilizing the caption search choice on TV gadgets.
  • It enhanced caption search worth.
  • Lock Mode now keeps the showcase angle amount perfect.

Download MX Player Mod APK


Description for MX Player mod APK:

  • Name: MX Player mod apk
  • Developer: ApkMod
  • Size: 22 MB
  • Downloads: 100000+
  • Language: English
  • Safety: Yes
  • Version: v1.43.11
  • Category: Entertainment, Video Player
  • Updated: 9 March, 2022
  • Requirements: Android 4.4


MX Player MOD APK Download:

Downloading MX Player MOD Apk is nothing different from downloading the Pro version or standard version. You can install the MX player MOD APK in your PC, android phone or other smart devices following very east steps. Here, we are going to mention the easiest method for MX Player Download.

MX Player MOD APK Download

  • Open Google Play Store in your android phone.
  • Go to the search bar.
  • Type MX Player Pro.
  • A list of applications will appear, click on the MX Player MOD application and pay the required amount first through a credit/debit card.
  • After you pay the charges, the app will start installing and working.
  • Enjoy the top-class features of the app on your device.

However, if you want to download MX Player for PC, install the Bluestacks first, you will find Google Play Store pre-installed there. Repeat the same steps as mentioned above, and the MX Player beta APK will be downloaded in your PC.


Is MX Player MOD APK available on PC?

Yes! Along with being available on multiple android devices and smart phones, the MX Player APK is available for PC and laptops as well. You can download following the easy instructions as mentioned earlier.

Is MX Player MOD APK safe?

When the MX Player MOD apk is downloaded from a trusted unknown source, or Google Play Store, there is no risk of using this app at all. So, prefer installing the app from Google Play Store being the safest option.

IS MX Player MOD APK better than VLC?

This is one of the most widely asked questions when it comes to MX Player MOD apk. Both video players are excellent in their own way, but the rating of MX Player beta is a little higher than that of VLC Media Player.


MX Player Mod APK Download


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