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MX Player APP download: MX Player application is a well-known media player for android devices, smartphones, and PC Laptops. It is a free app that lets the users stream the latest movies, TV series, Music, Web series, and videos in HD quality also; it syncs, edits, and reads the subtitles of the videos. Moreover, the MX Player online supports all the subtitle and audio formats making it a premium application without any cost.


Just like the MX player app old version, the latest version of the MX player codec has the best content for the users to watch online or save for watching later. No matter you are on the go or resting at your home, the MX media player is the best app for enjoying your favorite shows, watching live news, and listening to popular music.

Here, we are going to discuss some of the prominent features of the MX Player app APK. Let’s get started!

Characteristics of MX Player Application:

  • Easy screen controls
  • Subtitle gesture
  • Multi-core decoding
  • Hardware acceleration
  • MX File sharing
  • Kids Lock

Easy screen controls:

The MX player application is quite easy to use, thanks to the simple controls of the application. But one of the best screen control while using the MX Player app is that users can zoom in or zoom out the video by tapping and pinching on the screen. Moreover, the zoom and pan option is also available in the MX player application.

Subtitle gesture:

Not only the MX Player application supports all the subtitle formats, but also it helps in adjusting the subtitle text size by simply zooming in or out. Moreover, if you want to move the subtitles upwards or downwards, scrolling the screen up or down will do it all. Last but not the least, you can simply scroll the screen backward or forward to adjust the upcoming or previous subtitles.

Multi-core decoding:

Unlike all the other media players of android devices that support single-core decoding, the MX Player application supports multi-core decoding. The multi-core decoding helps the application work far better than other applications. Experiences tell us that the performance differs by around 70% when it comes to multi-core and single-core decoding.

Hardware acceleration:

The HW+ decoder helps the MX Player app in applying hardware acceleration on several videos. This feature of the MX player application makes it a lot better and more unique than ordinary media players.

MX File sharing:

You can share your favorite videos, images, music files, and other media with your friends and family using the MX Player app. Even without using mobile data, you can instantly send whatever you want.

Kids Lock

The MX Player app has the amazing feature of child lock which prevents your child from making accidental calls or using other applications. To unlock the child mode, you will have to touch all four corners of the screen clockwise.

Other features of MX Player app APK:

  • The MX Player app is a versatile media player which lets you play videos, view images, and listen to music files as well. Also, it supports all the video formats making it one of the best media players.
  • The app can be downloaded on Android devices and PC Laptops.
  • The MX player app not only reads the subtitles but edits them as well.
  • You can stream videos from multiple websites or watch your favorite TV shows online.
  • You can share videos with your family or friends, as well as save or download them for watching later.

Specifications of MX Player application:

Mx Player App Download Apk:

The MX Player app download can be done on Android devices and PC. This version of the MX Player app is not ad-free hence, you can get the MX player app download free of cost by following the below-mentioned easy steps.

Mx Player App Download Apk


MX Player App Download Apk on Android Smart Phones:

The MX player application Download app for Android this year is no different than the MX player app download 2022. You can simply download the application from the Google Play store by searching and installing it right away. On the other hand, if you are unable to download the application using it, the APK file will be helpful. Let’s have a look.

MX Player App Download Apk on Android

  • Go to the Settings of your phone and locate Security.
  • Tap on Device Administration and find Unknown sources.
  • Allow the device to download apps through Unknown sources.
  • Now download the APK file from a trusted source.
  • Go to the Downloads of your web browser, and open the APK file recently downloaded.
  • As soon as the file opens, the MX Player app will start installing.

Download MX Player APP free

MX Player App Download for PC:

Are you wondering how to download MX Player for PC? The MX player app can be downloaded on the PC using an Android emulator. But there is another simple method to install the MX player app on your laptop r computer. Blue Stacks plays an important role in downloading the MX player app for PC. If you don’t have BlueStacks, install it to download the MX player for PC. Then follow the below-mentioned easy steps.

MX Player App Download for PC

  • Open Blue Stacks on your PC.
  • Go to the search bar and type MX Player.
  • You will see a list of apps, click on the MX Player app to initiate the downloading process.
  • The app will be installed on your PC.


Is the MX player app free for PC?

Yes! The MX player app is free of cost for all devices; let it be smartphones or computers. All you have to do is follow the easy steps, and enjoy live streaming of your favorite show.

How is the MX player app different from the MX player PRO?

The MX player app does not block ads and the users have to wait until the pop-up or ads vanish from the screen.

Are the features of MX player Android devices and MX player PC the same?

The MX player app for PC works the same way as it does on other devices or android phones.


MX Player App Download Free


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